Where to Buy Stamps Near Me?

Many places will allow you to buy postage stamps and you can even buy them online. You will find a list of the most convenient locations that you can easily purchase stamps for your letters or postcards. Well-known stores that are in most shopping malls, such as Walmart, CVS and Rite Aid, make it convenient to buy stamps, so you’re never too far from a postage stamp outlet. As if that’s not enough for you then you’ll also be able to get them at some banks and check cashing sites, like Bank of America and TD Bank. The only possible drawback that you may encounter from these places is that most will only offer postage stamps in book format.

Places to Buy Stamps

LocationsTypeHoursStore Locator
AmazonOnline Store24 HoursClick Here
USPSPost Office9am – 5pmStore Locator
Walgreen’sPharmacy8am – 10pmStore Locator
CVSPharmacy8am – 10pmStore Locator
WalmartGeneral Store24 HoursStore Locator
KrogerGrocery Store7am – 9pmStore Locator
BOABank9am – 5pmStore Locator
StaplesOffice Supplies8am – 9pmStore Locator
Office DepotOffice Supplies8am – 9pmStore Locator
ATM’sATM24 Hours

Postage Stamps Explained

Postage stamps are essentially a type of receipt that proves you’ve paid the appropriate fees for mailing an item. It’s as simple as that. Postage stamps are typically small pieces of paper that you will stick to a letter or postcard, before posting it. Stamps can be collected and are very popular amongst ‘philatelist,’ which is the term for a stamp collector.

The thing that makes collecting postage stamps so appealing is the fact that the post office release limited editions to commemorate a person or historical event. They will also release sets that are dedicated to plants, animals or sporting events.

Each stamp has its price printed on one of its corners along with its country of origin. The price and origin are especially usefull because they allow the post office to get the item to its ultimate destination in as timely a manner a possible.

History of Postage Stamps

Stamps have been making it possible to send mail all around the world since the mid 18th century. It’s amazing how such a tiny piece of paper can help achieve so much and in such an efficient way. Long before the advent of email, it was a lot more complicated to send correspondence to your friends and family, and so the only way to achieve it was to write a postcard and stick a stamp on it. Sending a carefully crafted letter is becoming a long lost art, but it’s a sad thing. Many people enjoy the activity of writing a letter and the ritual of licking and applying a postage stamp. It seems to give the whole event an air of importance and dignity and requires that the author gives great consideration.

Logistics of Posting a Letter or Postcard

Once you’ve written your letter or postcard and applied the postage stamp, you just need to drop it in your mailbox and let the postal service take care of the rest. From you, the item will most likely go via plane, train or boat, depending on where its ultimate destination might be.

Another consideration is what type of mail you decided to use. Did you go with Fast Mail or did you want to save some money and send it via Slow Mail? Often it’s not just a matter of cost but also how important or not the correspondence is. If it’s not that important then sending it by the slower method is the better choice.

If the speed of delivery is of the utmost importance to you, then you can opt for Priority Mail which will mean your item will be treated with the absolute highest importance. There are also special stickers, stamps and mail stamps to designate the priority of the mail. Because you’ve decided to pay more and get the faster service you can be sure that your postcard or letter will reach it’s destination quickly.

If you want to add a more personalized touch, you can even have the post office put photos of you or your loved ones on the stamps you use. It does cost a bit more, but you want to make your mail stand out from the crowd then it’s something to consider.

With the sheer volume of mail that gets shunted around the globe daily, it’s vital that all items carry the correct postage. Having the correct postage stamps on your postcard or letter makes the job of the mail handlers that much more efficient. If your item has a priority stamp, then it will be treated differently from one that is just carrying a regular stamp. Both will get quality service for sure, but the more expensive postage will get the premier service. After all, that’s what you paid the extra for so it would only seem fitting.

As I mentioned above, mail is not used as often as it was in years past. This change is due in large part to the ubiquitous nature of email and the convenience it offers. The majority of mail is sent to friends and family or in some cases, by business transferring important documents that may need a signature or some other kind of official marking. The ease of typing and firing off an email may at first seem like a blessing, but if you are not careful, it can very quickly become a curse. One need only look at the Twitter account of President Trump to see the dire consequences that can arise by an ill-conceived piece of writing. Choosing to take the time to be more thoughtful and deliberate when writing can often be the much smarter choice. Whether that writing takes the form of a letter, postcard or even an email.

No matter how prevalent the use of email is it will never totally remove the need for postage stamps and they will always have a place in our culture.

Buy Stamps Near Me

The most obvious place to buy stamps near you would be your local post office, but it’s not the only place by any means. If you don’t have a local post office and don’t want to make the long journey downtown then there are other convenient locations you can try.

Here’s a few that we would suggest:

  1. Walmart  – It would be almost impossible to find any large town or city that does not have at least one Walmart close by. The other benefit of choosing a Walmart to buy your postage stamps from is that they are open 24 hours a day. They also supply writing materials and packaging items so it’s literally a one-stop shop for your postage needs.
  2. Pharmacy – Back in the day the local pharmacy was strictly for buying your prescription medicine, toiletries or food. These days they also sell a wide variety of items including postage stamps. Not every pharmacy sells stamps though so you may have to look around. Large pharmacies such as Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens carry plenty of stocks of postage stamps for both letters and postcards.
  3. Grocery Store – If you’ve been to your local large grocery store lately you may have noticed that they have an entire section dedicated to office and school supplies. Here is where you are most likely to find postage stamps and other stationery but if you can’t find them there, just ask an assistant.
  4. Banks – Not too many people know this, but you can buy stamps from most banks in America. What I particularly like about buying my stamps from a bank is that I’m already there paying bills or carrying out some other financial transaction. It’s a simple matter to ask the teller for a stamp or two, so it’s very convenient.
  5. Amazon or USPS Online – If you are just too busy and don’t want to leave the house to buy stamps then there is a solution. Just surf on over to Amazon or USPS and spend a few minutes filling out a form and entering your payment details. Using online services like these is quick and easy and will save you a ton of time to do more important things with your time like maybe writing a thoughtful and eloquent letter to your spouse or significant other. There are other options available online, but these two are the simplest to use.

What Locations Near Me Have Stamps for Sale?

Buying postage stamps when you have a need for them might seem like a good idea, but it can quickly become an irritant. It can also get expensive buying your stamps in ones or twos. To make life easier, it’s possible to buy your stamps in a book or on a roll. By getting them in bulk, you can save money and time which is never a bad thing. If you have a need for an extremely large amount of stamps, then you might consider getting a coil of postage stamps. A coil contains 10,000 stamps, so it’s more suitable for businesses or large offices that have a huge amount of mail going in and out each day.

Why Do I Need a Stamp?

There are many reasons that you need to use a stamp when sending a letter or postcard and we have already mentioned a few. Putting a stamp on your mail tells the postal service that you have paid the required amount to have your item delivered to its destination. If you’ve ever tried sending mail without a stamp, you’ll no doubt have seen the mail come back to you or even remain in your mailbox. Postal workers won’t even pick up your mail if it doesn’t have a stamp so don’t even bother.

Another additional benefit to using a postage stamp is that you may also receive extra benefits and considerations. By having a higher priced postage stamp on your letter or postcard, you are signaling to the post office that your mail is important and should, therefore, get the maximum priority of treatment. Whether that means quicker delivery or more careful handling, you’ll be sure of getting excellent service.

How Much Do Postage Stamps Cost?

Because of the upsurge in email use, postage stamps have become expensive over the years.

Here are the most recent prices for postage stamps:

Domestic Mailing:
First Class Mail Letters (1 oz.) rates are $0.49 if bought from the Post Office. Every extra ounce costs $0.21.
Discounted “Metered Mail” for First Class Mail Letters (1 oz.), including online postage retailers and postage meters, is $0.465 to $0.46. Every extra ounce costs $0.21.
First Class Mail Flats (1 oz.) cost $0.94 to $0.98. Again, every extra ounce costs $0.21.
Postcard rates are only $0.34.

Domestic Shipping:
First Class Mail — Parcels sent from the Post Office begin at $2.67 for a 1 oz. package.
Media Mail prices begin at $2.63 for a 1 lb. package.